- Ecodesign (EC)
- Energy label

  Sep 2013
  Version: 1.1
Definition solar device
Asol = m2 Collector aperture area
Collector type:
Illustrive use only!
Eo = - Zero loss col. efficiency
a1 = W/m2.K 1th order heat loss coll.
a2 = W/m2.K2 2th order heat loss coll.
IAM = - Incidence angle modifier
Vnom = liter Nominal storage volume
Vbu = liter Backup storage volume
Storage class:
Illustrative use only!
psbsol = W/K Specific standing losses tank
Storage tank:
Location of storage tan
solpump = W Pump power consumption
solsb = W Standby power consumption

This product of vAConsult is intended for illustrative purposes only.
The page shows an interactive representation of the Ecodesign energy labelling implementation of the SOLCAL method, according to the 2012 working document.
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